Community Connect Gqeberha Gravel Ride
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Lola Conscious Café
Main Road 189, Port Elizabeth

48 km

Difficulty Level

20 km/hPace


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This awaits you
GQEBERHA - PORT ELIZABETH. - This time it's for real happening, come rain or sunshine!

Despite the wild weather postponing our previous ride, we’re seizing the sunny window on the 16th for an epic group ride.

Curious about the gravel scene? We’ve got extra Standert bikes available for you to try out!

Join us at Lola’s (@lola_consciouscafe) at 8am; we roll out at 8:15am sharp.

Our Sunday cruise covers ~50km, featuring a mix of off-road trails and sandy hike-a-bike sections.

And as always, post-ride coffee and a GIVEAWAY await!

This is a social ride, not a race. So bring your mates and vibes for a great morning.
Everyone is welcome and we have a few gravel bikes from the community connect fleet available to use. Feel free to message us (@cc_x_standert)! See you Sunday morning 08 am.

Important note and rules:
This is a joy ride, so when you’re joining please be in good shape. The average speed for the ride will be around 20 km/h
1. Everyone who’s attending knows the rules of cycling in a group. Please refresh with this video:
2. Everyone is riding on one’s own responsibility.
3. Everyone is wearing a helmet.
4. Everyone is riding a fully functioning gravel bike with brakes and gears.
5. Traffic laws must be strictly adhered to.

Sunday 16nth June:
Meeting 08:00 / Rolling 08:15
2,5 hours, 50km (90% tar 10% gravel)

Groupride waiver

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