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ROAAR | Dusty Gravel
Short Facts
Deutzer Werft
Deutzer Werft, Köln

50 km

Difficulty Level

22 km/hPace


This awaits you
⚠️ Am 18. Juli startet der "Dusty Gravel Ride" ausnahmsweise rechtsrheinisch an der Deutzer Werft (Kirmesplatz).
⚠️ Er ist Teil unserer TOUR AVEC ROAAR (Etappe 1 | Chemins Blancs)
⚠️ Wenn du bereits für diesen Ride angemeldet bist, nimmst du automatisch an der ersten Tour-Etappe teil.


Never black or white - on the contrary: Roaar stands for everything in between. This is also embodied by the limited Ardora Bike Jersey in the exclusive collaboration design. The shades are emblematic of a diverse community of cycling enthusiasts where everyone is welcome. From the Cols de Cologne to L'Alpe d'Huez - we think there is nothing better than climbing the peaks of this world together.

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