Season 2024 Kick Off Road Group Ride
Season 2024 Kick Off Road Group Rideby Cleo Comino
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This awaits you

February isn't just any month; it's ride season too!

Let's kick off the 2024 season with a bang and hit the road together! We're a group of nice, friendly, and relaxed riders. We stick together and ensure nobody gets left behind. Our initial plan is a 90km ride, but we're flexible with the route if the weather does not play along.

If anyone feels like taking it easy or exploring a shorter route, we're all about splitting the group to accommodate different paces and preferences.

Remember to dress warmly, especially your feet, hands, and ears. And make sure you've got enough hydration and snacks to keep the wheels turning.

Please do not forget: It's a private ride, and everyone's riding at their own risk.

See you on the road!

Yours, 3Mills Team

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Groupride disclaimer

The Grouprides are training rides and not races. For this outing, each participant brings their own bike suitable for the sport (e.g., road bike), as well as necessary personal clothing and equipment (helmets, shoes, rain gear, etc.). Participation is open to all natural persons who have reached the age of 18.

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