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Standert Feierabendrunde #13 - Midsommer Extended Edition
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Standert Feierabendrunde Midsommer Extended Edition - mixed ride, all welcome!

From 20.06.24 we begin 6 weeks of the much anticipated extended Feierabendrunde! For the next 6 Thrusdays, we will ride about 90km instead of 70, so make sure you bring an extra gel!


Supported by Maurten - for the Midsommer series Maurten have supplied some 100 Gels and 320 Drink mixes for the riders, to help you get through the extended ride. We will give out 1 x Gel and 1 x 320 mix per rider.

Drink Mix 320 is built on Hydrogel technology. When mixed with water you have a liquid carbohydrate sports drink containing a high concentration of maltodextrin and fructose. The sports drink instantly converts to hydrogel in the acidity of the stomach. The hydrogel enables a smooth transportation of the drink through the stomach to the intestine where the water, salt, and carbohydrates are absorbed.

The Gel 100 is built by harnessing natural hydrogel technology and built with six natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any colorants or preservatives and comes in 40g servings. Each serving contains 60% carbohydrates – a high weight to energy ratio.


Please sign up via our event on - you don't need an account. There by is the waiver also signed. Many thanks!


“The Standert Feierabendrunde is most definitely the fastest shop ride in the world, dude!”
- someone somewhere on the internet

Our Thursday Hammerfest will enter its 11th season in 2024 and we don’t have any plans to slow it down. So please read the rules carefully and come prepared.

We have a points classification each week with 5, 3, 2 and 1 point awarded to the first 4 over the line (Nikolskoe and Zühlsdorf). Additionally you will receive participation points each week which will be awarded accordingly.

5th participation equals 5 points
10th participation equals 10 points
15th participations equals 15 point…

The overall winner and general classification will be determined by adding points won in the sprints each week and the participation points at the end of the season. An updated provisional GC will be published regularly.

Late joins are okay, but in order to be eligible to be awarded participation points you have to join before the following segments, record your ride with Strava and make it public to appear on the weekly leaderboard. If you have received Kudos by Maxe, your ride entered the competition.





1. It’s a drop ride.

2. Everyone who’s attending knows the rules of road cycling in a group.

3. We ride on open roads so traffic laws must be strictly adhered to.

4. It’s a road bike training ride. That’s why everyone attending is riding a road bike, wearing lycra and a helmet.

5. Everyone is riding at their own risk and takes responsibility for themselves and their equipment.

6. Bring lights in April and September!

7. Everyone is riding a fully functioning road bike with two brakes and gears.

8. The FAR is a pretty fast ride. So please make sure you got what it takes to participate or you will get dropped.

9. Know the routes. They will be available here for each week.

10. Ride leaders are appointed at the start of the ride. Follow their instructions. Those who neglect the rules can be excluded from the Feierabendrunde. This is about safety and not exclusivity.

Meeting 17:45 / Rolling 18:00 / Drinks 20:00-21:00
About 90km

Groupride waiver

Participation is open to all natural persons who have reached the age of 18 (The organizer may request proof of age) and are physically capable of participating in cycling. acts as an event intermediary and not an organizer. The rides are organized and managed by the person named on the detail page. By using and registering for an outing published on by the organizer, you, as a participant, agree to the following terms of use.