Standert Women´s Ride
Standert Bicycles
Standert Women´s Ride
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Women OnlyThis Groupride is exclusively for women, lesbians, intersex, non-binary, trans, and agender individuals.

Standert Cycling Hub
Friedrichstr. 23a, Berlin

60 km

29 km/hPace


This awaits you
Standert Women’s Ride

The ride starts at the Standert Cycling Hub and ends at Magic John’s, where we will enjoy some fresh pizza together.

All W/T/F riders are welcome to join, but you should have some experience riding in a group. The ride will be set at a friendly pace, but it is not a beginner ride.
Please bring a spare tube and some tools for fixing any personal mechanical issues.

Route: 60km around 2 hours

Pace: Avg: 28-30 km/h

Start: 18:00 at Standert Bicycles, Friedrichstraße 23a, 10969 Berlin

End: 20:00 Magic John´s Pizza,Oranienburger Str. 48, 10117 Berlin


1. No-drop ride.

2. Attendees must know the rules of road cycling in a group.

3. The route is on open roads so traffic laws must be strictly adhered to.

4. Fully functioning road bike with two breaks and helmet are mandatory.

5. Everyone is riding at their own risk and takes responsibility for themselves and their equipment.

6. Have the route saved on your device or GPS.

7. Bring lights with you

Looking forward to seeing you!

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