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Preamble: The Grouprides are training rides and not races. For this outing, each participant brings their own bike suitable for the sport (e.g., road bike), as well as necessary personal clothing and equipment (helmets, shoes, rain gear, etc.). Participation is open to all natural persons who have reached the age of 18 (The organizer may request proof of age) and are physically capable of participating in cycling. grouprides.cc acts as an event intermediary and not an organizer. The rides are organized and managed by the person named on the detail page. By using grouprides.cc and registering for an outing published on grouprides.cc by the organizer, you, as a participant, agree to the following terms of use.

Participant's Acknowledgements and Commitments: By participating in the Groupride, you expressly confirm the following:

  • There are no health limitations for participation (each participant is responsible for assessing their own health conditions for participation – the organizer is not liable for participants' health risks associated with the event).
  • You will obey traffic regulations during the ride, including local laws.
  • You acknowledge the authority of any provided Groupride Guide and will follow their instructions.
  • You will use a roadworthy racing bike, wear a proper CE-certified helmet.
  • You consent to the capture of photos and videos of you during the event.
  • You agree to the unpaid publication of photos and videos of you from the event (e.g., on social media) without requiring your explicit consent.
  • grouprides.cc or third parties (e.g., partners) may contact you via email using the provided email address up to 30 days after the event.
  • You participate voluntarily and at your own risk.
  • You have no right to challenge an exclusion from a Groupride or take legal action against an exclusion due to unsportsmanlike or dangerous behavior.
  • Neither the organizer nor grouprides are responsible for damages arising from the event, except for damages resulting from intentional or grossly negligent misconduct. Risks include, but are not limited to: collisions with pedestrians, vehicles, other cyclists, moving or stationary objects; dangers arising from the route, equipment failure, weather, insufficient safety gear, accessories, materials, etc.
  • You acknowledge that risks may arise from participating in the Groupride and your own actions, as well as from the actions or inaction of other participants, the terrain and road conditions of the events, weather, and the behavior of yourself or others not involved in the event.

Liability and Insurance:

  1. You, as a participant, are fully responsible for your actions and are liable according to applicable laws. You are obligated to comply with all legally binding rules, particularly with regards to showing consideration to other road users. The organizer is not liable for damages resulting from participation in the Groupride due to risks inherent to cycling, especially those resulting from participants' own actions. The organizer is also not liable for damages caused by third-party actions that affect participants.
  2. Liability for property damage is limited to cases of intent or gross negligence. Liability for ordinary negligence is excluded. This does not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, body, or health caused by negligent breach of duty by the organizer or intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agent of the organizer. This also does not apply to damages resulting from grossly negligent breach of duty by the organizer or intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agent of the organizer for other damages.
  3. You, as a participant, are responsible for your own insurance coverage during the event. If the organizer charges fees for events, they do not include any insurance coverage for accidents, illnesses, or other insurance-related events.
  4. You, as a participant, are aware that in the event of an accident for which the organizer is not liable under these terms, you are responsible for damages and any fees and costs that may arise. This includes but is not limited to the cost of police, fire, or emergency services, or similar services such as mountain or high-altitude rescue. If a situation arises in which participants are unable to decide whether to call for emergency services or refrain from doing so, even though it appears necessary to an objective third party, participants hereby consent to such actions being taken by an agent of the organizer or another person appointed by them, at the participant's expense. The participant cannot demand reimbursement from the organizer for any costs incurred in this regard.
  5. You, as a participant, are hereby informed that instructions during the outing and the route during the event may deviate from the originally communicated and advertised instructions and briefings of the respective organizer due to significant changes in traffic management or other unforeseeable events.

The websites grouprides.cc and any associated mobile applications and services (collectively referred to as the "Services") are provided to you by binnendør buecher - Malthe Luda, Hallerplatz 14, 20146 Hamburg, in accordance with these Terms of Use (the "Terms of Use") and subject to the Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy"). By accessing or using the Services, you agree to comply with these Terms of Use and any additional terms provided by grouprides.cc through the Services, which are deemed part of these Terms of Use. grouprides.cc reserves the right to review accounts and user actions within the Services to ensure compliance with our terms. By accessing or using the website, uploading or downloading information or materials from it, or indicating your consent to these Terms of Use by creating an account, clicking "sign in," or using similar mechanisms, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. Do not access or use the website if you do not agree to these Terms of Use. This agreement has been written in German. In the event of any discrepancy between a translated version and the German version, the German version shall prevail.

If you are accessing or using the website on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent that you are authorized to bind such organization and its affiliated entities to these Terms and that these Terms are fully binding on them. In such a case, the term "you" refers to the organization and its affiliated entities. If you do not have this authority, you may not access or use our website. These provisions include disclaimers of liability and limitations of liability that may apply to you.

The services provided by grouprides.cc cannot be provided and the contract concluded under these Terms of Use cannot be fulfilled without grouprides.cc processing data about you and other grouprides.cc users, including but not limited to your location data. The processing of the data you provide to grouprides.cc, including location data, is essential for the services we provide and is an integral part of fulfilling our contract with you.

Notice regarding dispute resolution: These terms and conditions include provisions governing how disputes between you and grouprides.cc will be resolved, including if you do not reside in the European Union, and you waive any right to assert claims on a personal basis.

Registration and Accounts The website is intended solely for individuals who are 18 years of age or older, unless a higher minimum age for using the website is required in your country. If you are below the legal age in your jurisdiction to enter into a binding contract, you represent and warrant that a parent or guardian has reviewed and agreed to these terms on your behalf.

To use the services, you must register. You agree to: (a) provide accurate, current, and complete information about yourself ("User Data"), and (b) maintain and promptly update the User Data as necessary. You agree that grouprides.cc may use your User Data to provide the services you access or use, as described in these Terms or our Privacy Policy. You also agree to create only one account for your personal use and not to share your account with others. If you have created multiple accounts or provide User Data that is inaccurate or not current, grouprides.cc has reasonable grounds to suspect that such User Data is inaccurate or not current, and has the right to block or terminate your account and deny current or future use of the services. By using the services, you represent that you are not a person who is excluded from accessing the services under any applicable law.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password or email address associated with your account, as well as restricting access to your account, computer, and mobile phone while logged into the services. You are responsible for all activities that occur under your account, computer, and mobile devices. We strive to take reasonable security measures to protect your account from unauthorized access. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your account, its content (as defined below), or the personally identifiable information you provide, and we cannot promise that our security measures will prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the services or their content. You agree to promptly notify grouprides.cc of any unauthorized use of your account or password or any other security breach, and acknowledge that you understand all risks of unauthorized access to User Data and any other information or content you provide to grouprides.cc. The use of unique and complex passwords is strongly recommended for security reasons.

As parts of the website are connected to the Google Maps API, you hereby agree that the additional terms of use of Google Maps/Google Earth (including Google's Privacy Policy) apply to your use of the website.

Content and Behavior

Ownership and Use of Content The information, data, text, software, sounds, photos, graphics, videos, messages, posts, tags, and other materials that you make accessible in connection with the services ("Content") (e.g., the image you upload for your Groupride), whether publicly posted, privately transmitted, or submitted via a third-party API, belong to you. You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sublicensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, publicly perform, display, or create derivative works thereof, in all media formats and channels, whether currently known or developed in the future, without any compensation to you. This license will expire when you delete your content or account.

You understand that you, and not grouprides.cc, are solely responsible for all content that you upload, publish, email, transmit, or otherwise make available through the website. grouprides.cc does not routinely screen or monitor the content posted by others on the website and does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or quality of such content. grouprides.cc may, at its sole discretion, screen, monitor, hide, reject, or delete any content or remove content that violates the terms of the agreement or is otherwise objectionable. You understand that by using the website, you may be exposed to content that is offensive, indecent, or objectionable. Under no circumstances will grouprides.cc be liable in any way for any content, including, but not limited to, any errors or omissions in any content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any content made available through the website. You agree to assume all risks associated with the use of content available in connection with the website, including relying on the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of such content.

You agree that grouprides.cc is not responsible for and does not endorse the content posted on the website. If your content violates these terms, you may be legally responsible for that content. No content between you and grouprides.cc will be confidential or protected by copyright, and we are not liable for any use or disclosure of content. You acknowledge and agree that your relationship with grouprides.cc is not a confidential, fiduciary, or special relationship, and your decision to submit any content does not place grouprides.cc in a position that is different from the position held by members of the general public, including, in relation to your content. Your content does not impose any other fiduciary obligations on grouprides.cc other than those set forth in the Privacy Policy, and grouprides.cc is not liable for any use or disclosure of any content provided by you. You grant us permission to use your profile name, if applicable, your profile photo, and information about your activities and actions, including your use of third-party products, services, and devices, in advertisements, offers, and other commercial contexts on the grouprides.cc website, without any compensation to you. For example, we may display to people who have ridden a Groupride with you that you are using a particular device, product, or service from a brand that pays us to display advertisements or other collaborations on grouprides.cc.

The services are for your personal use and not for commercial purposes. You may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, sell, or transfer any portion of the services, use of the services, or access to content for commercial purposes. You are granted a limited, non-exclusive right to create a text hyperlink to the website solely for non-commercial use, provided that such link does not portray grouprides.cc, its products, or services in a false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise defamatory manner and that the linked website does not contain any pornographic, illegal, offensive, harassing, or otherwise objectionable material. You are granted the right to implement any RSS feeds available on the website for your personal, non-commercial use, solely as described on the website. We reserve the right to revoke these licenses in general or your right to use specific links or RSS feeds at any time, for any reason, whether justified or unjustified. If you intend to use grouprides.cc for commercial purposes, please contact us via email: hello@grouprides.cc

While grouprides.cc may recommend equipment or materials from certain third parties, grouprides.cc assumes no responsibility for your acquisition or use of equipment or materials from third parties, and grouprides.cc does not warrant that such third-party equipment or materials are compatible or free from defects.

You understand that you are responsible for any fees associated with sending messages through your device. You acknowledge that you have the right to communicate with your contacts through the website.

You represent and warrant that: (i) you have the authority to create your account personally or on behalf of an organization, (ii) you own or have the right to grant the rights and licenses granted in these terms to any content you post on or through the website, (iii) the posting and use of your content does not violate, misappropriate, or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, trademarks, and/or other intellectual property rights, and (iv) you agree to pay all royalties, fees, and any other amounts owed in connection with the content you post on the website. Restrictions on Content and Behavior The grouprides.cc usage policies describe restrictions on content and behavior and are incorporated by reference into these terms. You agree to comply with these policies. Interactions with Athletes

The website serves as a platform for connecting athletes and organizers for group rides in cycling on a virtual information platform. As a neutral intermediary, grouprides.cc is not directly involved in the current interactions between athletes and organizers who use the services. Therefore, grouprides.cc has no control over the truth, accuracy, quality, legality, or safety of posts made by athletes using the services. grouprides.cc assumes no liability for verifying the identity of athletes or organizers. grouprides.cc also assumes no liability for verifying the qualifications, backgrounds, or skills of athletes or organizers using the services. You are always required to exercise common sense and good judgment when interacting with any athletes or organizers using the services.

If you wish to use our features to inform your contacts through the website, organize a group ride, participate in a group ride, or share information with others, you may need to provide grouprides.cc with relevant contact information. grouprides.cc may then contact your sports contacts via email or text message. You represent that you are authorized to provide grouprides.cc with the contact information of third parties and to use such information to contact the third parties (including having grouprides.cc contact them on your behalf), and that grouprides.cc may process such information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Third Parties Third-party products and services provided on the website are created and offered directly by the respective third parties. If you seek or purchase such a product or service, you acknowledge that you are entering into a contract directly with that third party and not with grouprides.cc. Your interaction with or participation in promotional activities (e.g., challenges) by third parties found on or through the website, including payment and delivery of goods or services, and any other terms, are solely between you and such third party. You are not obligated to use or transact with any businesses appearing on the website. You agree that grouprides.cc will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of your transactions with third-party service providers or advertisers available through the website. grouprides.cc or third parties may provide links to other websites or resources through the website. grouprides.cc does not endorse any content, information, advertisements, products, or other materials available on or through these sites or resources, nor can it be held responsible or liable for them. You acknowledge and agree that grouprides.cc is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources.

Electronic Communication The services may provide you with the ability to send or post messages to forums or chat rooms, speak through internet voice connections, or send similar messages and communications to third parties as service providers, advertisers, your personal contacts, other athletes, and/or organizations, as well as grouprides.cc. You agree to use the communication methods available through the services solely to send messages and materials related to the subject for which grouprides.cc provides the communication method and further agree that all communications from you shall be considered your content and subject to the terms of use and applicable law (including laws regarding direct marketing communications that you may need to comply with). By using the communication methods available through the services, you agree that (a) all communication methods are public and not private communications means between you and the other party or parties, (b) communications sent to or received from third-party service providers, advertisers, or other third parties are not endorsed, promoted, or approved by grouprides.cc (unless expressly stated otherwise by grouprides.cc), and (c) communications from grouprides.cc are not routinely prescreened, reviewed, monitored, audited, or otherwise scrutinized in any way, although grouprides.cc reserves the right to do so at any time in its sole discretion. You agree that all notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirements for written notice.

Ownership Rights You acknowledge and agree that the website, any necessary software used in connection with the website (if applicable), any aggregated data based on the content on the website, and any content available on or made available through the website contain copyrighted and confidential information protected by applicable intellectual property laws and other laws. Unless expressly permitted by applicable law or authorized by grouprides.cc or applicable third-party providers or advertisers, you agree not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on the website, the software, or content available on the website (except for content you may submit), in whole or in part. grouprides.cc grants you a personal, revocable, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and non-exclusive right and license to access and use the website, provided that you do not copy, modify, create derivative works from, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, or otherwise attempt to discover any source code, sell, assign, sublicense, grant a security interest in or otherwise transfer any right in the website (or allow any third party to do so), except to the extent permitted by law. You agree that you will not access the website except through the interfaces provided by grouprides.cc. Any third-party trademarks or trademarks depicted on the website are the property of their respective owners. grouprides.cc reserves all rights not expressly granted herein.

Indemnification You agree to indemnify and hold grouprides.cc and its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, employees, partners, and licensors harmless from any claims or demands (including reasonable attorneys' fees) made by any third party arising out of or relating to any content you provide through the website, your use of the website, your sporting activities from which content you publish on the website now or in the future (including sporting activities in the context of competitions, races, group rides, or other events sponsored or organized by grouprides.cc, in which grouprides.cc is involved or in connection with which grouprides.cc's website is used), your connection to the website, or your violation of the provisions, privacy and data protection laws, or the rights of any other natural or legal person. The indemnification clause does not affect your rights against grouprides.cc if such clause is not permitted under the laws of the country in which you reside due to your use of the website.

Waiver of Class Action The parties further agree that any arbitration shall be conducted in their individual capacities only and not as a class action or other representative action. If any court or arbitrator determines that this class action waiver set forth in this section is void or unenforceable for any reason or that an arbitration can proceed on a class basis, then the arbitration provision set forth above shall be deemed null and void in its entirety, and the parties shall be deemed to have not agreed to arbitrate disputes.

General You agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and grouprides.cc as a result of the terms and conditions or your use of the website. The terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and grouprides.cc regarding your use of the website. Failure by grouprides.cc to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. If any provision of the terms and conditions is found by a competent court to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the court should endeavor to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of the terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect. You may not assign, delegate, or otherwise transfer your account or obligations under these terms and conditions without the prior written consent of grouprides.cc. grouprides.cc has the right to assign or delegate all or part of its rights under these terms and conditions or to use third parties as contractors to perform its duties and obligations under these terms and conditions and in connection with the website at its own discretion. Notice by grouprides.cc to you may be made by email or regular mail or through notices, postings, or links on the website, which shall constitute acceptable notice to you under the terms and conditions. A printed version of the terms and conditions and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to the terms and conditions to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form. Section headings and titles in the terms and conditions are for convenience only and have no legal or contractual effect. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Changes to Terms and Services Certain provisions of the terms and conditions may be supplemented or replaced by expressly designated legal notices or terms located on particular pages of the website. grouprides.cc reserves the right to update the terms and conditions at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion. grouprides.cc will inform you of any material changes to the terms and conditions or the website or any other features of the website. By continuing to access or use the website after being notified of any changes, you agree to be bound by the amended terms and conditions. If the amended terms and conditions are not acceptable to you, your sole remedy is to discontinue using the website. grouprides.cc and its external service providers may make improvements and/or changes to the website, products, services, mobile applications, features, programs, and prices at any time and in their sole discretion and for any reason. The mobile application may download and install upgrades, updates, and additional features to improve, enhance, and further develop the website. grouprides.cc reserves the right to change or discontinue the services or any portion thereof with or without prior notice at any time. You agree that grouprides.cc shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modifications, interruptions, or discontinuation of services.

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